Rules of biking

Short rules on the trail

Ride on open trails only.
Leave no trace.
Control your bicycle.
Always yield trail.
Never spook animals.
Plan ahead.

Cautious and considerate

Mountain bikers are often not alone in the hills – hikers, joggers, Nordic walkers, inline skaters and other outdoor sports enthusiasts also love the varied landscape of the Harz. It should go without saying that a friendly and fair interaction with one another is needed when a path is crowded, a bridge is too narrow or a trail is too steep. Everybody should be able to enjoy themselves.

Safer mountain biking

Safety is of paramount importance in the Harz. You can help by having the right clothing and well-maintained equipment. Always keep your bike under control – there could be an unexpected hazard around the next corner! Just in case something does happen, the forestry offices in the Harz have set up a comprehensive network of numbered emergency location points so that the rescue services can find you quickly and easily.