Routes from Bad Harzburg

The tours go through dark forest and deep valleys, to cliffs and a waterfall, in the Harz National Park and to a unique lynx enclosure.

The GPS data for all the routes starting from this location can be found here [12 KB] [ZIP: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6]. In the description of each of the individual mountain bike routes you will also find a link to the GPS data for that route.

H 1 Spitzenberg Cliffs Tou...

16 km / 470 hm

Steep climb, then an easy ride back into the valley on gravel forestry tracks | slippery pushing section in the Tiefenbach Valley | asphalted quarry access road with heavy vehicles | 2 single trail passages| downhill trail to Bad Harzburg crossing a forestry track with poor visibility, and with tight corners near the end.

H 3 Radau Waterfall Trail

21 km / 537 hm

Single trail passage with carrying section to the Radau Waterfall and then a short, steep climb | many hikers! | children's playground at the Radau Waterfall | crosses busy main road! | otherwise easy tour on gravel tracks and asphalt | quarry access road with heavy vehicles | challenging descent with 3 single trail passages in the last third of the tour.

H 5 Cliff Trail

22 km / 649 hm

Varies between challenging trails and long gravel road sections along the Ecker river | numerous exciting single trails | bus traffic between Molkenhaus and the start of the Taternbruch trail | carrying section at the Radau Waterfall | many hikers on the last part of the tour.

H 2 Black Raven Tour

32 km / 965 hm

Steep climb at the start, then descent through stream valleys | crosses busy main road! | mainly gravel forestry tracks | slippery pushing section in the Tiefenbach Valley | bus traffic on the asphalted road from the Radau Valley to Rabenklippe | at the end of the tour, frequent changes between short trails and forestry tracks, steps and pushing sections.

H 4 Cliff Climber Tour

23 km / 978 hm

A Tour full of contrasts with steep single trail climbs | balanced distribution of rest points | watch out for downhill riders on the climbs | forestry and bus traffic on the Käste road | fast descent into the Oker Valley.

H 6 Torfhaus Tour

41 km / 977 hm

Mountain and valley route on regularly varying surfaces | steep climbs and descents in some places | 3 single trail passages| one crossing of a forestry track with poor visibility, sharp corners at the end of the tour | truck and bus traffic to the Molkenhaus and along the Oker Reservoir.