Routes from Goslar

The routes go through dense forest and deep valleys and up to dizzy heights such as the Rammelsberg (world cultural heritage site) with a magnificent view of the northern foothills of the Harz.

The GPS data for all the routes starting from this location can be found  here [7 KB]. [ZIP: G1, G2, G3, G4, G5]. In the description of each of the individual mountain bike routes you will also find a link to the GPS data for that route.

G 1 Grane Reservoir Tour

22 km / 466 hm

Easy tour with a light profile | Joggers and Inline skaters in the afternoons and at weekends | a lot of asphalt, also possible with tracking bikes | longer climb to the dam, watch out for forestry and waterworks vehicles!

G 2 Joyride to Hahnenklee

30 km / 686 hm

Varied mountain and valley tour with a high percentage of asphalt | all trails are uphill | steep descents into valleys | heavy vehicles at the Grane Reservoir.

G 4 Tour de Culture Goslar

22 km / 708 hm

Tour for fit beginners | some steep climbs, fast descent across meadows to Goslar | historic town centre and Rammelsberg Mine as cultural highlights (World Heritage Site).

G 3 Summit Tour to the Sch...

29 km / 1084 hm

Tour for fit riders and groups, with good opportunities to buy refreshments | many steep climbs, many viewpoints, good trail descents! | heavy vehicles at the Grane Reservoir | main road crossing at Auerhahn!

G 5 Brocken View Tour

38 km / 1265 hm

Difficult full-day tour with continuous climbs and descents on gravel roads | fast descent into the Oker Valley | passes through town twice! | main road crossing at Romkerhalle Waterfall | Kästeklippen as a worthwhile side trip | 2 short single trail passages.