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MTB routes


The Harz mountains are the biggest bike paradise in Northern Germany: the VOLKSBANK ARENA HARZ consists of 74 routes totalling 2,300 km in length and with 50,000 vertical metres of climbing. The Harz mountain bike routes are accessible from the 31 starting points.


You can set off on one of the MTB routes from 31 towns in the Harz between Bad Grund and Neustadt, Goslar and Bad Sachsa. Here you will find plenty of service for cyclists, mountain-bike-friendly accommodation, exciting MTB race events, bike parks and MTB guides who will take you on a tour. Have fun in the Harz!!


In many Harz towns and villages your hosts will know what mountain bikers need. They all display the sign "Mountainbiker willkommen" (mountain bikers welcome). For example, you will get lots of vitamins and carbohydrates for breakfast, lunch packs and ...


Safety for mountain bikers is of paramount importance here in the Harz. You can help by having the right clothing and well-maintained equipment. Always keep your bike under control - there could be an unexpected hazard around the next corner! Just in case something does happen, the forestry offices in the Harz have set up a comprehensive network of numbered emergency location points so that the rescue services can find you quickly and easily.

MTB & eBike service

In many places, bike shops, tour guides or training courses complement the Harz mountain bike region and what it has to offer for this wonderful outdoor sport. In the cycling season from April to October it is also possible to rent mountain bikes and eBikes (pedelecs) at many locations – in some places even fat bikes for biking fun in winter.

Map set

"The resin for mountain bikers"
To the information about the official map set from Tourbook with detailed maps and route info as well as the weatherproof overview map go HERE ...

Charge the batterie

When your battery runs out of energy – or you do, head with your eBike to one of the popular restaurants or cafés on your tour. If you see this

sign, they have an electricity socket for your battery charger – so both of you can refuel.

MTB-brochure 2024

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