Tips for tour planning

The general principle is: don't just set off without planning and preparation! The following simple rules make mountain biking safer and more enjoyable:

  • The route should be planned in advance using a suitable map and taking into account your current fitness. In groups, it is the slowest person who dictates the speed.
  • Information about the current weather situation should be obtained. The best strategy with clothing is the "onion principle" (several thin layers are better than one thick layer). Even in mountain ranges of moderate height, sudden changes in the weather are possible; in lower areas it is much warmer than high up.
  • In autumn, don't forget how early it gets dark! You should therefore carry reflective clothing and battery-powered front and rear lights in your rucksack.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: always tell somebody which area you will be riding in and fix a time by which you will return.

Cautious & considerate

Safety for mountain bikers is of paramount importance here in the Harz. You can help by having the right clothing and well-maintained equipment. Always keep your bike under control - there could be an unexpected hazard around the next corner! Just in case something does happen, the forestry offices in the Harz have set up a comprehensive network of numbered emergency location points so ...

Rules of biking

Short rules on the trail

Ride on open trails only.
Leave no trace.
Control your bicycle.
Always yield trail.
Never spook animals.
Plan ahead.

Cautious and considerate ...

Essential items!

Drinks always take enough liquids with you!
Day pack preferably a rucksack with a volume of at least 12 litres and multiple compartments; possibly with pockets for an integrated drinking system and a rain cover.
Food bananas, muesli bars and other carbohydrate-rich foods are the most suitable ...

Tips for clothing

Most importantly: WEAR A HELMET! Never go mountain biking without one!
Bike shorts with good padding, now also available as baggy shorts, but the clothing should not be too loose.
Shirts functional materials offer comfort when biking due to their good breathability...