Routes from Altenau

The tours in the middle altitudes of the Harz cross a varied region with forests and open landscape, alongside old waterways, ponds and a large quarry.

The GPS data for all the routes starting from this location can be found here [6 KB] [ZIP: O7, O8, O9, O11].  In the description of each of the individual mountain bike routes you will also find a link to the GPS data for that route.

O 7 Light Water Tour

20 km / 363 hm

Easy tour without any difficult climbs | technically challenging due to the high percentage of single trails | 2 road crossings | 4 single trail sections | many hikers along the Dammgraben!

O 8 Torfhaus Tour II

20 km / 631 hm 

High-level tour with 2 steep climbs | 2 single trail passages | access via country road | 2 road crossings | special signposts in the National Park | many hikers!

O 9 Wolfs trail

21 km / 621 hm

High-level tour with long trail climb to the Wolfswarte | 3 appealing single trail passages | special signposts in the National Park | 3 road crossings | many hikers!

O 11 Quarries and Streams

50 km / 995 hm

Very difficult full-day tour with 2 steep climbs | special signposts in the Harz National Park, many hikers | some short trail sections, technically medium difficult | long asphalt section along the Oker Reservoir | passes through Altenau town centre | crosses B 4 twice – take care at Marienteich crossing! | heavy vehicles on the quarry access road and around the Oker Re...