Routes from Schierke

The routes go up the Brocken, the legendary magic mountain, and to the highest parts of the Harz. These difficult tours with many trails, cliffs and viewpoints require quite a lot of fitness and riding skill.

The GPS data for all the routes starting from this location can be found here [21 KB] [ZIP: W8, W9, W10]. In the description of each of the individual mountain bike routes you will also find a link to the GPS data for that route.

W 10 Peak Circuit

39 km / 950 hm

Long and challenging despite having few extreme climbs! | difficult descents: Hirtenstieg downhill can only be ridden with good brakes and suspension | many hikers! | Sandbrinkstraße and the tracks around the reservoir technically challenging | please note: no signposting between the Ecker Reservoir and Dreieckiger Pfahl!

W 8 Hohne Ridge Trail Tour

27 km / 727 hm

Route is easy to ride | short sections around the Zeterklippen are somewhat rough | the difficulty lies in the long, steep climbs such as Gelber Brink and Chaussee B | one of the most attractive MTB routes in the Harz | no opportunity to buy refreshments along the route.

W 9 Up the Brocken (1142 m...

28 km / 851 hm

Strecke sehr gut ausgebaut | Abfahrt vom Brocken auf Hirtenstieg erhöhtes Unfallrisiko – bitte Rücksicht auf Wanderer nehmen! | das Streckenprofil ist eigentliche Schwierigkeit dieser Tour. nur wenige kurze Extremanstiege mit zusammen ca. 1.000 Höhenmetern.