Principle of the signposting

The Harz mountain bike route network is signposted according to a simple principle. It avoids large and unnecessary signs in the forest in the interests of nature and landscape protection.

All of the routes are classified into three levels of difficulty– easy (blue), medium (red) and difficult (black).

You can find the starting point for your MTB tour under "MTB routes ordered by starting point". At each starting location there is a central starting point with an overview map showing all the routes.

In addition to this, there are some other places where you can easily join the MTB routes, although their actual starting point is somewhere else - for example in Wildemann or Hahnenklee. These places can also be found under "MTB routes ordered by starting point".

To identify the towns and villages where the tours start, each route is labelled with a letter and a number. So, for example, G stands for Goslar, where 5 routes begin: G 1 to G 5. In the Upper Harz, Altenau and Clausthal-Zellerfeld are the starting locations for the routes O 1 to O 11.

Direction signs

On all the routes you will find similar direction signs, which are not labelled for each individual route. When you have decided on a particular route, follow the direction signs to the left, right or straight on.

The illustration shows a direction sign to the right, of the type which can be found on all of the MTB routes.

Direction signs with route labelling

Only where multiple routes run parallel to each other, and it is necessary, will you find direction signs with a label for each of the routes.

The illustration shows a direction sign where the routes H 4 and A 3 (which run parallel with other MTB routes) turn to the right.

Main sign

At particularly central places along the way, you will find main signs with an overview of the distances:

The illustration shows a main sign (the easy routes O 8 and G 5, the medium routes B 6 and H 4 and the difficult route A 3 turn to the right).